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When you write the story of your business, wouldn’t you want to hold the pen?


Discover the joy of writing for yourself and learn to love your words. Our words hold great power, it’s time to set them free.

This is the philosophy behind everything I do. You control the pen, you find your voice and you tell your story, with pride and confidence, in your own words.


I’ll guide you, as your mentor, on the road from entrepreneur to influencer.


My clients are the heroes in the story of my business. I guide them on a journey from entrepreneur to influencer. Sometimes it’s a linear narrative, sometimes a circular one, they decide where they are in their story and I equip them to tell it, their way.


Whether writing blogs or a book, my flexible mentoring services inspire, motivate and empower. Learn to love your words and write you way to success.


The journey starts with CLARITY…

It’s time to cut through the jargon, overcome the overwhelm and get clear on what’s right for you in your business, to map your own route through the noise.



Let’s Do This!

  • What are your challenges with blogging or getting your book written?
  • What’s stopping you from writing your blogs or your long-dreamed-of book?
  • Where do you feel like an imposter?
  • Why is it not working for you, right now?

Book a FREE 30 minute 1 to 1 Clarity Session to get it out of your brain and take action

The next step is SKILLS


We all have 24 hours in a day, so why do some people manage to bash out blogs and books, but you can’t seem to make any headway?


Technology is changing faster than we can blink and there’s always some new thing we ‘should be doing’, but have no idea where to start.


If we chop up these big challenges into baby steps, you can see your specific skills gaps and tackle them one at a time.



Get It Done!


A 90-minute Skills Session. Targeted learning, 1 to 1 and online to fill a skills gap.


In this session, you get just the targeted learning you need right now. We work 1 to 1, and where appropriate, you have lifetime access to online resources to embed the learning and turn your intentions into action.

You only improve with FEEDBACK


There is only so much your writing will improve with practice alone, you need feedback. There’s a simple formula to improve any skill:

We all need a critical friend. A professional who will give us clear, objective, actionable and honest feedback. Well-meaning friends and family just don’t cut it when it comes to continuous professional development for you and your business.


Imagine having a published author and experienced business advisor on hand to check your blogs, critique your manuscript and hold you accountable?


Make It Happen!


You will only improve with feedback. A monthly subscription service to critique your writing and a 30-minute catch up call.

With solid support and ongoing commitment, you can transition from entrepreneur to INFLUENCER


When we think of influencers, the people that spring to mind are innovators, disrupters, thinkers, leaders, inspirers. The people we quote. The people we’ve heard of, on some level. The people we respect. The people we admire. The people we trust. If they had a book, you’d read it, right?


Every self-respecting influencer needs a book.


(If they didn’t… how much of an influencer can they truly claim to be?)


Have you always dreamed of writing a book? One that conveys the passion and vision behind your business?


If you haven’t written much within your business, or the last time you took on a lengthy writing project was your thesis, where would you start?


Make It Happen!


Build your influence, blog by blog, growing your confidence and business as you progress. Six months 1 to 1 mentoring, online training and feedback on your writing.


A six-month commitment to regular coaching, feedback on your writing and working through an online course to build your book, blog by blog; at which point, you will have the basis of a book.

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