When you write the story of your business, wouldn’t you want to control the pen?

Blogging is much more than SEO, and writing a book can elevate your status to new levels.

Yet, so many of us muddle along, adding to the volume of poor-quality content, instead of investing in our own personal development to up our game and sing - in our own voices - above all that digital noise.

If you who have things to say, and want to say them in an interesting way, my flexible mentoring and training services will get you and your team writing with courage, confidence and creativity.

Is it a blog? Is it a book? Is it something else?

“Amy has been very supportive and helped me crystallize a way forward and develop a plan. Right to the point of my first post. Her encouragement has opened the floodgate to so many ideas and writing for the pleasure. Thank you very much Amy. 5 star recommendation”

Christine Garland, Grow2Achieve

Meet Amy

I’ve always loved stories, ever since I was old enough to string a sentence together, I’ve written stories.

At the heart of everything I do is stories.

I’ve been writing them all my life and my proudest achievement was to publish the ‘Sheridan and Blake Adventure Series’ in my maiden name: Amy C Fitzjohn, a nod to that little girl and her fanciful dreams of being a writer!

My story is one of a stifled writer, who found freedom and satisfaction through empowering and inspiring others to tell their stories.

I’m not a copy writer, I never write for people. With my background in skills training, business support and writing (check out my Linked In profile to see my full experience), I nurture entrepreneurs and content creators to grow through the power of their own words.

I am the proud winner of the Bristol Prestige Awards - Writing Skills Mentoring Service of the Year

My career took a path from HR, to skills training, to careers advice, to business training.

It was only in 2008, when my husband and I relocated to Bulgaria to start a property company that I learned to love my words again. I wrote four novels in that time. We returned to the UK, to the fantastic city of Bristol in 2010 - having run out of money - with just a car full of stuff!

It was working with start-ups for an enterprise agency in the city, and publishing the fourth of those books, The Bronze Box, that opened my eyes to the freedom and possibility of starting my own business.

In 2015, my world as an Amazon Best Selling fiction author and a business advisor collided.

I mentor my clients through blogging and book writing, equipping them to tell the story of their business with courage, confidence and creativity. 

My work is about inspiring entrepreneurs to learn to love their words. To grow and progress, personally and professionally, by setting their words loose into the wild.

Here’s what I have to say.

I'm here to bring a little writer’s razzle-dazzle to business, find out more…

“Amy's book is a great resource. Concise and to the point. I will definitely refer to it again as it now has pink highlighter scrawled across every page! It took about an hour to read this morning and really got me focused and thinking about my next blog post (as I've only written one!) without the overwhelm. Thanks Amy for the massive list of ideas!”

Jue Thompson

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