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They say we all have a book in us, but most of us never do write that book. Technology is making it easier than ever before to write and publish your long dreamed of book.


Publishing your first book is an amazing feeling. As a child, I dreamed of seeing my name on the spine of a book and in 2013 I realised that dream and published my first novel, The Bronze Box. Since then, I’ve gone on to write more fiction and non-fiction books and have built my business around my love of writing.


Writing a book is a must for any entrepreneur who wants to be an influencer in their sector. It elevates your status, sets you apart as an expert and an authority on your topic. It’s great publicity, gives you something you can give to people as a premium business card (who doesn’t love being given a signed book!) and it’s a quick money spinner when you speak at an event.


  • A book gives you gravitas
  • A book adds value
  • A book elevates your status
  • A book gives you an amazing sense of accomplishment
  • A book is a legacy for future generations
  • A book can generate a helpful extra passive income


It could be a non-fiction or fiction book




  • You want to write a book but don’t know where to start?
  • You have a few book ideas and need some help to work out what could work?
  • You don’t know how to plan and start the daunting project of writing book?


Or perhaps…


  • You started writing a book and ran out of steam
  • You’ve fallen out of love with a book project and need a boost to get you back on track?
  • You don’t know how to publish your book and need to know the options?
  • You've heard having a book is a good way to market your business but don't really know what that means?
  • You’d appreciate a professional writer sense checking your writing and want to work with them to improve its quality?
  • You’d like some independent feedback on your book project?


What is it?


  • A one-off or block of time working with a mentor to steer you through writing and publishing your book. It can be in person if you are local to Bristol UK, or over Skype.
  • An intensive, focussed session to answer your questions and get some feedback
  • A tailored package of mentoring and editing with as much or as little support as you need to see that dream become a reality


Who is it for?


  • If you are in business and have a desire to write or are already writing and want to improve.
  • If you have started writing your book and are stuck on something.
  • You have some unanswered questions you need advice on.
  • Working with me requires a commitment to grow your skills and grow your business, but you’ll be the one doing the writing!


If you would rather pay someone to write for you, this is not for you.


How does it work?


  • I recommend an ‘Inspiration Session’ first, to establish what the priority skill is to work on
  • In 2 hours we can put together a book plan so you can make it happen
  • Sessions can be in person, if you are local to Bristol, UK, or over Skype.
  • We meet at a mutually convenient location, if it’s in person.


Need More?


Every Influencer Needs a Book


Once you have the basis of a book, you may choose to work with me to get it ready to publish.


I am not a publisher, but I can support you to decide on the best route to publication for you, and mentor you through the process.


I help you to project manage the production of the book, connecting you to assisted publishing services and advocating for you, or to mentor you through using Amazon to self-publish it.

Stories of Tailored Support

Budding Author #1 had a vison for a legacy book to share his lessons from building several successful business. As a busy CEO, dedicating the time to write was a challenge.


He booked 16 hours of support, during which I recorded our conversations, transcribed them, we planned the structure and I pulled the raw writing together to create a first draft.


£700 – from brain to book, full facilitation.

Budding Author #2 started writing her book and got carried away with the process. She needed a steer. We booked a 1 hour Power Session to get her back on track. She then sent me the first draft to review. I went through it and sent her an editorial report with suggestions for improvement, changes and sense checks.


£180 – a helping hand.



To keep it simple, you can book me by the hour. Save money with a block booking, you can divide the time into bite-sized chunks or use it all at once...


£60 - (1 hour)

£95 - (2 hours = £47.50 per hour)

£180 - (4 hours = £45 per hour)

£350 - (8 hours = £43.75 per hour)

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