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I’m the protagonist in the story of my business, just as you are in yours.

I’ve always loved stories, ever since I was old enough to string a sentence together, I’ve written stories.

At the heart of everything I do is stories.

I’ve been writing them all my life and my proudest achievement was to publish the ‘Sheridan and Blake Adventure Series’ in my maiden name: Amy C Fitzjohn, a nod to that little girl and her fanciful dreams of being a writer!

Stories are powerful. Stories surprise, stories intrigue, stories inspire, and stories move people.

Since the dawn of time we’ve learned from each other through the medium of stories; from telling tales around a campfire to our digital world of viral videos, brilliant blogs and shareable social strategy.

My story is one of a stifled writer who found satisfaction through empowering and inspiring others.

My career took a path from HR, to skills training, to careers advice, to business training. It was only in 2008, when my husband and I relocated to Bulgaria to start a property company that I learned to love my words again. I wrote four novels in that time. We returned to the UK, to the fantastic city of Bristol, UK, in 2010 - having run out of money - with just a car full of stuff!

It was working with start-ups for an enterprise agency in the city, and publishing the fourth of those books, The Bronze Box, that opened my eyes to the freedom and possibility of starting my own business.

In 2015, my world as an Amazon Best Selling fiction author and a business advisor collided.

We all have a story to share and I’m here to help entrepreneurs to articulate theirs in their own words to grow their influence and grow their business.

Stories are the secret to success; after all, people don’t just buy people, they buy stories.

Here’s what I have to say.

“After just a couple of sessions with Amy I feel energised and inspired to do the thing that I've been meaning to do for ages - WRITE!“

Adela Straughan

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