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Work on your blog or your book with me and learn to love your words!


Get It Done!


We all have 24 hours in a day, so why do some people manage to bash out blogs and books, but you can’t seem to make any headway?


Technology is changing faster than we can blink and there’s always some new thing we ‘should be doing’ but have no idea where to start.


If we chop up these big challenges into baby steps, you can see your specific skills gaps and tackle them one at a time.

These one off 90-minute sessions, and online tools allow you to allocate a fixed period of time to tackle a gap in your skills when it comes to writing your blog or your book.


In my experience, there are ten common skills gaps that come up time and again. So, I’ve developed online workshops on these topics. Each Skills session includes lifetime access to a workshop of your choice:


Plan your blogs to align with your business


  • Create Your Customers

How to identify your target audience. Who is really reading your blogs?


  • Blogging for Beginners

How to get started with a blog for your business.


  • Create Compelling Content

How to improve your writing skills. Hook readers in and keep them reading.


  • Beat Procrastination

What stops you writing? How to plan and manage your time to make space and get you writing.


  • Don’t Be a Well Kept Secret

How to get more eyes on your content and spread it more widely.


  • Earn with Words

How to monetize your blogs and use your writing to add value to your business.


  • Reach Out with Guest Blogging

How to feature great guests and be a guest yourself on influencer’s blogs.


  • Organising Your Blog Research

How to collect, collate and organise your research. An in depth look at an underused online tool to organise your blog content and collate your research – we’ll take a fresh look at Pinterest.


  • How to Get your Blog Seen on Google

An introduction to on screen Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), so you can be found by search engines like Google. It’s surprising how much you can do yourself. You don’t need to know lots of whizzy coding, just a few simple tools, already built into your blog, you can use more effectively to boost your website.


  • Idea Generator

How to come up with fresh ideas. Stuck for writing ideas? Or struggling to organise your many ideas? Get your creative juices flowing with structure and formulas to generate ideas.


Do you recognise any of these gaps in your business? Or, is it something else.


Before you decide, you can try out one of my online workshops, Creating a Content Calendar’, for FREE!

“I've just done Amy's creating a content calendar course, and I have to say that it was exactly perfect. I've now not only got a content calendar for the next few months, but it also gave me loads of really useful ideas for things I want to get done for this idea as well - hurrah! So, all in all, top marks, 10 out of 10 for the most handy brilliant thing. The download is also ace - just what I need because otherwise, I'll just go and create a shed load of random documents all over the place, but now it's all in one handy spot. Recommend it 100%”

Claire Stone, Claire Stone Nutrition

How do you organise your content ideas, stay focussed and ensure every blog contributes to the overall vision of your business?


This workshop consists of an instructional video and a downloadable, pre-built, spreadsheet template so you can build your own content plan.


Get the workshop HERE

“Having seen it featured in one of Amy's latest blogs, I recently completed the online content calendar course. It was ideal for what I needed. Succinct, visually engaging and with clear tasks to follow up offline, it was a great example of online learning that I could fit into the working day. It provided plenty of food for thought, and consequently I've already incorporated some of the ideas into not just content planning but how I see my business in general. Thanks Amy!”

Andrew Parsonage, Extraudionary

What is it?


  • A one off 90-minute session, in person if you are local to Bristol UK, or over Skype.
  • An intensive, focussed session to learn a specific skill.
  • Where applicable, lifetime access to online workshop, to embed the learning.


Who is it for?


  • If you are in business and have a desire to write or are already writing and want to improve.
  • If you are blogging already or writing a book and are stuck on something. You’re struggling with something and need help to move forward.
  • You are blogging or writing a book and have some unanswered questions you need advice on.
  • Working with me requires a commitment to grow your skills and grow your business, but you’ll be the one doing the writing!


If you would rather pay someone to write for you, this is not for you.


How does it work?


  • I recommend a ‘Clarity Session’ first, to establish what the priority skill is to work on
  • Choose one of the topics to focus on from the list, or is it something else?
  • Sessions can be in person, if you are local to Bristol, UK, or over Skype.
  • We meet at a mutually convenient location, if it’s in person.
  • You receive the link to the online workshop, where appropriate, ahead of the session. You have lifetime access to the materials and they are downloadable so you can work offline.



£197 / $280

(If I am required to travel more than 10 miles, you would need to cover my travel costs.)

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