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Improve your writing on your blog or your book with me and learn to love your words!


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You only improve with FEEDBACK


There is only so much your writing will improve with practice alone, you need feedback. There’s a simple formula to improve any skill:

We all need a critical friend. A professional who will give us clear, objective, actionable and honest feedback. Well-meaning friends and family just don’t cut it when it comes to continuous professional development for you and your business.


Imagine having a published author and experienced business advisor on hand to check your blogs, critique your manuscript and hold you accountable?


“Amy was recommended to me as an expert in creating content and writing and working with her was an amazing experience! Not only Amy agreed to work to my tight deadlines but the quality of the work she provided was really impressive. On the top of the review of the copy, she suggested a lot of useful tips on how to make my website SEO friendly and came up with blog topics to get me started. And all of that within one morning. Excellent service and so helpful! Thank you Amy!”

Justyna Jelinek, Brand YOU

What is it?


  • A monthly subscription (minimum 3 months), to critique your writing and give you feedback.
  • Feedback via email.
  • Up to 2,000 words reviewed (£25 per 1,000 words thereafter).
  • A 30-minute call to keep you on track, answer any questions and stay in touch.


Who is it for?


  • If you are in business, are already writing (a book or a blog) and want to improve.
  • Working with me requires a commitment to grow your skills and grow your business, but you’ll be the one doing the writing!


If you would rather pay someone to write for you, this is not for you.


How does it work?


  • You send your words by email, I use ‘Track Changes’ in MS Word to proof read, edit and comment on your writing.
  • All feedback is constructive, actionable, independent and confidential. As a ‘critical friend’ the nature of the feedback may seem negative – this is intentional as it identifies your areas for improvement. It is in no way supposed to be personal or demotivating. I will always be honest, but in a positive way, and I’ll explain why. You have the final say on your words, it’s up to you what feedback you take on and what you don’t.
  • Once a month we have a 30-minute call, this is your opportunity to ask questions, be held accountable or just bounce ideas off me.



£80 / $110 a month


Our words hold great power, and I’m here to help set them free.

Discover the joy of writing for yourself and learn to love your words.

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