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Get It Done!


We all have 24 hours in a day, so why do some people manage to bash out blogs and content, but you can’t seem to make any headway?


You want to start - or improve – a blog to grow your brand, your influence, your business and build it into a coherent marketing plan but are stuck.




  • Your web designer is telling you to blog, but you don't know where to start?
  • You've heard that blogging is a good way to market your business but don't really know what that means?
  • You want to start a blog but have no idea how, where to start or what to write about?
  • You have a powerful story to tell but need some help articulating it?
  • You have a creative writing itch you want to scratch but are afraid of getting it wrong or making a fool of yourself?
  • You need to educate your audience about your product/service but don't know how that could work in practice?
  • You're worried it'll take up too much time and not give you enough of a return on that investment?
  • You just have so many unanswered questions it's crippling you into inaction?


Or perhaps…


  • You’ve started blogging but run out of steam?
  • You have a blog but it’s not working hard enough for your business?
  • You’re running out of ideas for blogs?
  • You’re struggling to manage your time to write your blog?
  • You have too many blog ideas and are struggling to organise them?
  • You’re blogging inconsistently and sporadically ‘when you get an idea’ and need to be more organised and strategic about it, you need to create a Content Calendar?
  • You’re concerned that your blogs are bit boring or dry, they’re not creative enough and want them to stand out. You need to improve your writing skills to produce better blogs?
  • You’d appreciate a last line of defence before you hit publish, a professional writer to sense check your writing and work with you to improve its quality?

“I've just done Amy's creating a content calendar course, and I have to say that it was exactly perfect. I've now not only got a content calendar for the next few months, but it also gave me loads of really useful ideas for things I want to get done for this idea as well - hurrah! So, all in all, top marks, 10 out of 10 for the most handy brilliant thing. The download is also ace - just what I need because otherwise, I'll just go and create a shed load of random documents all over the place, but now it's all in one handy spot. Recommend it 100%”

Claire Stone, Claire Stone Nutrition

What is it?


  • A one-off or block of time working with a mentor to steer you through the process of blogging for your business, in person if you are local to Bristol UK, or over Skype and email.
  • An intensive, focussed session to learn a specific skill.


Who is it for?


  • If you are in business and have a desire to write or are already writing and want to improve.
  • If you are blogging already, are stuck and struggling to move forward.
  • You are blogging and have unanswered questions.
  • Working with me requires a commitment to grow your skills and grow your business, but you’ll be the one doing the writing!


If you would rather pay someone to write for you, this is not for you.


How does it work?


  • I recommend an ‘Inspiration Session’ first, to establish what the priority skill is to work on
  • Choose a topic or skill to focus on
  • Sessions can be in person, if you are local to Bristol, UK, or over Skype.
  • We meet at a mutually convenient location, if it’s in person.



To keep it simple, you can book me by the hour. Save money with a block booking, you can divide the time into bite-sized chunks or use it all at once...


£60 - (1 hour)

£95 - (2 hours = £47.50 per hour)

£180 - (4 hours = £45 per hour)

£350 - (8 hours = £43.75 per hour)

“Having seen it featured in one of Amy's latest blogs, I recently completed the online content calendar course. It was ideal for what I needed. Succinct, visually engaging and with clear tasks to follow up offline, it was a great example of online learning that I could fit into the working day. It provided plenty of food for thought, and consequently I've already incorporated some of the ideas into not just content planning but how I see my business in general. Thanks Amy!”

Andrew Parsonage, Extraudionary

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